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Embedding data and python code into a HydroLearn module


Problem Statement

Is it possible to set up a system for students doing a module in HydroLearn to run python code directly from an online console without installing python on their own computer? If so, how can data be accessed by the script?

Module Overview

This module was developed to address this question. It illustrates the use of Jupyter Notebooks and Python code running on Google Colab or Computing platforms linked to HydroShare. It illustrates how to access data from files and from the internet.

Topics Covered

  • Data and Code in Google Colab
  • Data and Code in HydroShare


Familiarity with Jupyter Notebooks at high enough level to be comfortable using them in learning activities you develop for students in your class.

Learning Objectives

  • To be able to execute code for simple data analysis using Python in Google Colab.
  • To be able to execute code for simple data analysis using HydroShare JupyterHub.

Course Author

Target Audience

The primary audience is instructors developing content for HydroLearn that includes code execution as part of the learning activities, but it may be of use to anyone who wants a simple Python data analysis example.

Tools Needed

  • A Google account for the execution of code in Google Colab.
  • A HydroShare account for the execution of code in JupyterHub platforms connected to HydroShare

Expected Effort

1 hour

Suggested Citation

Tarboton, D.G., (2020), Embedding data and code into a HydroLearn module. HydroLearn.

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    1 hour