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Using HydroLearn, Why and How?


Problem Statement

Traditional instruction typically involves lecture and assignments given by an instructor. However, significant research indicates that active learning methods, including problem-based learning and cooperative learning can enhance student achievement, improve student attitudes, and reduce student attrition. These strategies can be combined in authentic online learning modules. This module describes the research behind HydroLearn as well as how to create a module of your own.

Module Overview

This module describes: (a) the research behind different active learning methods; (b) how these methods can be combined in authentic online learning modules, specifically in HydroLearn; (c) important pedagogical considerations; and (d) the nuts and bolts of how to create modules within HydroLearn.

Topics Covered

- Learning: Active, Problem-based, Cooperative, Collaborative, Authentic, and Online

- Developing: Learning objectives, Course outline, Learning Activities, and Rubrics

- Creating: Course module, covers basics such as developing course content, inserting images and problems and much more

Learning Objectives

At the end of this module, learners should be able to:

- Identify research-based instructional methods that they can implement in their courses

- Develop a plan for: (a) implementing HydroLearn in their courses or (b) creating a HydroLearn Module or (c) both.



Course Authors

Melissa A. Gallagher, PhD

Assistant Professor, College of Education University of Houston. Contact:

Jenny Byrd

Graduate Research Assistant, University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Contact:

Olivia LaHaye

Graduate Research Assistant, University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Contact:

Emad Habib, PhD, PE

Professor, Civil Engineering, University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Contact:

Target Audience

Hydrology faculty interested in implementing or adapting active learning, data-driven resources.

Tools Needed

Computer with access to Internet.

Course Citation

Gallagher, M. A., Byrd, J., LaHaye, O., and Habib, E. (2019). Using HydroLearn, Why and How? HydroLearn.

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