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Remote Sensing Applications in Irrigation


Problem Statement

The overall objective of this module is to introduce concepts of remote sensing information that relates to crop conditions (water, health), important for irrigation and agriculture.

Module Overview

Remote sensing information is becoming commonplace in several aspects of human activity. Agriculture is not strange to it. In fact, there is a growing community of researchers and commercial groups aiming to respond to questions regarding crop production, water needs, and future scenarios for agriculture across the globe. This module introduces students to the different remote sensing technologies and existing applications of this information to agriculture. The different learning activities will show the student concepts, applications, and interpretations of remote sensing data in farming. The analysis is done at the farm scale.

The learning activities guide students to access remote sensing information, process it, and interpret it based on physiological aspects of plant growth. Students will interpret variability of farm

Topics Covered

How Remote Sensing applies to agriculture and irrigation

Charcaterization of Irrigated and Non-Irrigated Lands

Use of Remotely Sensed Data for Quantifying Irrigation Water


This module does not have pre requisites, but students are strongly recomended to follow up this module with HydroLearn "Evapotranspiration" module.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this module, students will be able to: retrieve remote sensing information from different satellites, perform analysis and relate resulting information with occurring agriculture and irrigation conditions

This will be accomplished through activities within each section. Results from each activity will be recorded in specified results templates. The results templates for each activity can be found at the beginning of each activity. The results templates are organized such that results from one activity can easily be used in successive activities."

Course Authors

Course Staff Image #1

Karem Meza-Capcha

Course Staff Image #2

Sayed M. Bateni

Professor, University of Hawaii
Course Staff Image #1

Alfonso Torres-Rua

Solution Keys

Please, contact Karem Meza-Capcha for solution keys for the learning activities embedded in the module. Completed results templates for each learning activity are available and can be requested from the course authors.

Target Audience

Junior/Senior Irrigation and Water Resources Engineering Courses

Tools Needed

Computer with access to Internet, Excel.

Expected Effort

The module developers estimate that this module will take between 18 to 20 hours to complete.

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