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This module will review methods of estimating and measuring ET

Module Overview

This module gives a broad overview of ET. The last section on remote sensing is appropriate for graduate students or advanced undergraduates.

Topics Covered

Overview of ET, Water Budget, Measurements of ET, Parameters related to ET, PET Estimation (T and Rn -based), Penman-Monteith Ref ET, Improving Water Management using Remote Sensing


Students are expected be comfortable with Excel, and to have some familiarity with computer programming, but knowledge of a specific programming language is not required. Students will be asked to interpret and modify code in order to create graphs for analysis and interpretation.

Course Authors

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Josephine A Archibald

Humboldt State University

Email Address:
Course Staff Image #2

Hugo A. Gutierrez

University of Texas at El Paso

Email Address:
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Shangping Xu

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Email Address:

Tools Needed

MS Word and Excel, Python, GIS software

Expected Effort

The module developers estimate that this module will take about 16 hours to complete.

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  4. Estimated Effort

    16 hours